YouTube ScreenTime Management Tools

On August 27, Google announced new features of YouTube which can help monitor and manage screentime. In the official YouTube blog post, “Tools to Take Charge of Your Digital Wellbeing,” YouTube administrators explained the new “Time Watched” menu option is available under your YouTube profile on both their mobile app and browser-based interface. After selecting it, you can view the amount of time you’ve watched YouTube the past day and week. You can also opt to have YouTube remind you to take a break periodically.

With lots of teens watching LOTS of YouTube videos these days, it’s important to monitor and manage screentime. This is true for adults as well! Check out the free YouTube monitoring tools and ask your children and/or students to do the same. Let this spark a conversation about how much time you’re each spending on YouTube, how much time is “too much,” and what limits are appropriate for teens as well as adults when it comes to YouTube screentime.

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