For Students

Check out these digital citizenship resources, and share those you find useful with others in person and on social media!

Responsible Use Policy (RUP) Review

Dr. Fryer recorded 2 videos reviewing all aspects of our Responsible Use Policies. 2 separate videos will be available. The video for MD/UD students is ready (Here’s a SafeYouTube link.) The link to the LD student video is coming soon on March 30, 2020.

  1. MD/UD Links: RUP PDFYouTube Video (16 min) – SafeYouTube
  2. LD Links: RUP PDF – YouTube & SafeYouTube links coming!

Let’s Talk About Safe Gaming

(for Lower Division: 1st – 4th Graders on 5 March 2020)

Let’s Talk About Social Identity and FOMO

(for High School & Middle School Students – 27 Feb 2020)

Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for 2019-20

  1. Our RUP for UD/MD (high school and middle school)
  2. August 28, 2019 RUP Presentation for UD/MD (grades 5-12)
  3. Our RUP for LD (elementary students)
  4. August 28, 2019 RUP Presentation for LD (grades 1-4)

“Screentime and Wellness” Presentation for High School / Middle School Students (12 Nov 2018)

“Screentime and Wellness” Presentation for Elementary Students (12 Nov 2018)

High School / Middle School – Upper / Middle Division (24 Oct 2018)


  1. Video: Let’s #WinAtSocial by @TheSocialInst
  2. Clean Up Your Digital Footprint by @FOSI
  3. How Taylor Swift’s political endorsement could become the ‘biggest ripple ever’ at the polls (CNBC, 13 Oct 2018)
  4. Katy Perry Praises Taylor Swift for Political Instagrams (Variety, 19 Oct 2018)

Elementary School – Lower Division (24 Oct 2018)


  1. Video: Roblox – About Us (2 min)
  2. Video: News-O-Matic Wins the World Young Reader Prize from WAN-IFRA (2 min)
  3. Video: How to Write a Quality Comment (4.5 min)
  4. News-O-Matic EDU Student Login