For Teachers

In addition to our curated videos with discussion questions and highlighted “dialog” questions, these are recommended resources for teachers and schools supporting digital citizenship.

  1. Book: “Digital Citizenship: A Community-Based Approach” by Susan Bearden (@s_bearden)
  2. Digital Citizenship – Providence Day School Digital Compass (@mattscully)
  3. Digital Citizenship Resources from Common Sense Media (@CommonSenseEd)
  4. Digital Citizenship Resources from St. Stephen’s Episcopal School (Austin, Texas via Christy Fennewald @christyfenne)
    1. Presentation script and links for students at SSES “who use their online presence for positive actions”
  5. Learning about Digital Citizenship with Carl Hooker (March 2016)
  6. YouTube Safety Center
  7. Peekapak (@Peekapak)

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