How to Write a Quality Comment! (intermediate)

Video (4:38)

Discussion Questions

    1. Why isn’t a short comment like “nice” or “great” a good comment?
    2. Why would you like to receive “quality comments” on your SeeSaw learning journal or other places you might share your ideas and work online?
    3. What are some examples of how you can “get a conversation going” with a comment in SeeSaw, on a blog, or somewhere else?
    4. What was your favorite suggestion from this video?
    5. How can we encourage each other to leave “quality comments?”


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More Resources

If you share this video with your students, consider reaching out to the teacher who created it, 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Linda Yollis! You can contact Mrs. Yollis on Twitter @lindayollis. Check out her classroom blog, her classroom 365 photo project, and learn more on her website “About” page.